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Influence of Anisotropy on the Optical Refractive Index Change of Impurity Doped Quantum Dots in Presence of Gaussian White Noise

[ Vol. 1 , Issue. 1 ]


Jayanta Ganguly, Surajit Saha, Suvajit Pal and Manas Ghosh   Pages 69 - 74 ( 6 )


Background: Total optical refractive index (RI) change is an important nonlinear optical property (NLO). The NLO properties of quantum dot (QD) are strongly affected by the presence of impurity. In the present work we inspect profiles of total RI change of impurity doped QDs. Objective: We examine the influence of anisotropy on the total optical refractive index change (RI) of impurity doped quantum dots (QDs) in presence and absence of noise. Method: Noise has been applied to the system additively and multiplicatively. The impurity potential is modeled by a Gaussian function and the noise applied being Gaussian white noise. A perpendicular magnetic field emerges out as a confinement source and a static external electric field has been applied. The total RI change profiles have been pursued as a function of incident photon energy for different values of anisotropy. Results: The interplay between noise and anisotropy elegantly designs the total RI change profiles. The said interplay is modified as we switch from one mode of application of noise to another which eventually alters the total RI change profiles. Conclusion: The observations indicate the possibility of tailoring the total RI change profiles of doped QD systems exploiting noise and anisotropy.


Quantum dot, impurity, gaussian white noise, total refractive index change, anisotropy.


Department of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Section, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, Birbhum 731 235, West Bengal, India.

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