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Nano Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment of Inflammatory Hyperalgesia


Atul R Chopade*, Suraj N. Mali* and Pramod A Patil   Pages 1 - 6 ( 6 )


Background: There is an unmet need for effective diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory pain and subsequent hypersensitivity (hyperalgesia). The nanotechnology and nano drug delivery could be a probable answer to solve this problem; this novel technique will surely take diagnosis of pain and anti-inflammatory therapy to newer heights offering faster pain relief to the patient.

Objective: This study aims to collect more information about aspects of nanotechnology based applications towards pain management.

Methods: A systemic search has been carried out using PubMed, Google Scholar, CNKI, etc. for relevant articles.

Results and Conclusions: The article reviews possible application of nano science for betterment of anti-inflammatory therapy, which may help pain researchers. Our systematic analysis of previous studies showed that, with the ease of nanotechnology, we can effectively lower down the side effects and tolerance associated with current pain management systems. Advance nanomaterial based therapies will undoubtedly reduce the time span associated along with fewer side effects. By merging nanotechnology aspects along with drug carrier systems, we can effectively design such systems with inherent properties to treat pain.


nanotechnology, chronic pain, inflammation, drugs targeting, Nano robotic anti-inflammatory drug delivery, nano transdermal anti-inflammatory drugs, Super magnetic iron nanoparticles.


Department of Pharmacology, Rajarambapu College of Pharmacy, Kasegaon, Maharashtra, Government College of Pharmacy, Karad, Maharashtra, Department of Pharmacology, Rajarambapu College of Pharmacy, Kasegaon, Maharashtra

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